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My name is Jim Boatright. I am both a retired aerospace engineer and a retired custom rifle maker. This website presents a collection of articles by Jim Boatright detailing my ideas on how best to achieve extreme accuracy with bolt-action target rifles.  Most of these articles were originally published in Precision Shooting Magazine, but they are updated and re-edited for web publication.  I will include more and better figures as time permits.  And I continue studying, testing, and thinking about rifle improvements that we can try. 

WARNING! The information presented here is intended primarily to apply to the building and operating of bolt-action benchrest target rifles and long range target and varmint-hunting rifles.  These rifles share the common trait that each and every round fired must have been carefully prepared and loaded by hand.  Any application of the techniques described herein to any rifle firing fixed, factory-made ammunition is done at the operator’s own risk.  Some of my recommendations for cutting-edge precision rifles would be inappropriate or even dangerous if applied to conventional rifles. 

The reader is welcome to email comments concerning any of these categories, praising the author’s work; asking simple, easy questions; or offering constructive criticism.  You may contact me by e-mail at Jim@thewellguidedbullet.com. 

LINKS:  I recommend certain other web sites with similar information such as those listed below, as I run across them. Eventually a separate "LINKS" page will contain them.

http://technology.calumet.purdue.edu/met/higley/index.htm  Professor James B. Higley’s academic website with pointers to his Precision Shooting articles about hammer-forging barrels. 

http://www.varmintal.com  Al Harral’s wonderful website about many topics in rifle engineering.  Great images output directly from his own Finite Element Analysis software. 

http://www.appliedballisticsllc.com   Aero engineer and champion shooter Bryan Litz’s site with VLD bullet and Ballistics Studies. 

http://www.levergun.com  Gun writer M. L. (Mic) McPherson’s site with  many articles.

http://www.riflebarrels.com/articles/default.htm  Barrel maker extraordinaire and long range shooter, Dan Lilja, and many of his engineering papers on rifles. 

http://www.kriegerbarrels.com/  Great barrels, nice people, useful site. 

http://www.davidtubb.com/articles.html  A champion shooter for many years who is also an engineer.  Great products and technical articles. 


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